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Dublin man fined €22,000 for selling fake Viagra in his shop

dwebb71 on Mens Health - A Dublin man faces a huge €22,000 fine (roughly £18,216) after submitting a guilty plea to stocking a counterfeit version of prescription-only erectile dysfunction medication Viagra, in addition to a variety other medicines at his bargains shop.

Schools should provide free morning after pills and condoms, says NICE

dwebb71 on Sexual Health - New guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has called for schools to offer free morning after pills and condoms to teenage girls to reduce teenage pregnancy rates. NICE even recommended those under the legal age of consent should be provided with contraception.

Depression Info

lburkhold on Diseases & Conditions - Life Works’ anxiousness and melancholy therapy can assist put your life again on track, starting with a full psychological assessment.

As soon as your condition is evaluated, Life Works’ residential treatment plan features a comprehensive remedy programme and full medical supervision.

Earl Grey tea as good as statins at fighting heart disease?

dwebb71 on Diseases & Conditions - New research has shown that Earl’s Grey tea contains enzymes called HMGF (hydroxy methyl glutaryl flavonones), which work at fighting the body’s proteins...

Asthma and premature births down 10% thanks to the smoking ban

dwebb71 on Diseases & Conditions - The smoking ban was introduced in England in 2007 smoking ban, which made it illegal to smoke in all enclosed public places such as restaurants, nightclubs